Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Suresh Rao - Spiritual Guru From Bangalore

This is Suresh Rao, a Spiritual Guru from Bangalore, India. He is knowledgable and experienced with followers `from all over the world. Curious to know more about the ancient Chinese Culture - Taijiquan, he connected me throught his disciple in Singapore and we have 10 lessons before his spiritual journey to Bali, Indonesia.

It is a unique experience for me to interact with Mr Suresh, out of our taiji talk, he shared with me his vast experience which some of them sound incredible and certainly is an eye-opener to me.

One similar concept that I think both Taiji and Mr Suresh shared is live your life naturally and harmoniously with the universe and nature. Let the nature take the course. A lots of our worries raise unduely from one thoughts to the others. Mr Suresh has a lots to share in his blog:  ,feel free to visit.

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