Sunday, 26 September 2010

Yio Chu Kang CC Mon Taiji Class

这一天, 六位星期一太极班的同学把他们刚练完的32剑,呈现给 Sree Narayana Mission (Singapore)的乐龄朋友们,陪他们度过一个开心的中秋联欢会。另外三位陪同的师姐则表演了太极功夫扇。
这是这六位同学第一次上台表演,所以特别紧张。为了这次的表演, 他们加强练习,约师姐排练了好多次,希望把最好的呈现出来,结果总算不负众望,完成使命。
This is my Yio Chu Kang CC Monday Taiji Class. They performed 32 steps taiji sword at The Mooncake Festival Celebration for the old folks at Sree Narayana Mission (Singapore). One of the classmate, Siew Kiang, is the volunteer in the organization, she suggested the group to entertain the residents with the new sword form they have just completed. The group organised their own training schedule and intensive training with guidance from some seniors and some refinement from me during the class. The performance succeeded with applause from the residents and the joyful interaction with each other. I am proud of them as they have share their learning as a way to contribute to the community.Keep up, class, moves toward a caring society.