Monday, 30 May 2011

Explore the Depth of Taichi Workshop By Dr Paul Lam

29th May & 30th May 2011 -  a 2 days workshop to explore the depth of taichi with dr Paul, not only applicable for Sun style, but all different style of taichi, main topic covered:
The most important factor about taichi and its effects is based on the following essential principles:
1. Body - a) posture
                b) Weight transfer
2. Movement - a) slow. smooth and continuous 
                       b) gentle resistance
3. Internal - a) song 松
                   b) jing 静
Qi circulation - The ultimate purpose of taichi is cultivating strong and healthy Qi to circulation throughout the body
Dantian breathing method - how the breathing is relating to storing and delivering energy
Variation in speed - to initial the regenerate new energy

Further elaboration of the topics in the near future

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Recording of Shout for Chingay Gongfu Fan

Ready ...........Hoo!
28 May 2011 - A supporting group of taijiquan enthusiast, with a different mission today, gather in a studio at Bukit Merah, ready to be superstar.

Many thanks to Mac Tan & Nancy, Xi Long & Ai Ling, Chee Ming and Lilian, JB Tan, Adeline, Amanda and Joanne for their priceless time and effort, accomplished the special mission - to record the shouting and fan open sound for Chingay Gongfu Fan Music. 
Taiji people really full of Qi, they finish the shouting and fan open within an hour

感谢这群奋勇的‘大声公’和‘大声婆’, 帮我完成这项任务-妆艺功夫扇-强调喊声和开扇声的录音工作。多亏平时练功得法,两次就解决了开扇声,一个钟头就完成所有呼喊声。感恩大家的热心,谢谢!

 Super star Amanda 

Thursday, 12 May 2011

Testimonial by Keane Kevin from Germany

Hui Hsing, Kevin & Gladys

In five lessons, Gladys expertly led me step-by-step through the basic Taichi for Osteoporosis programme so that I am now able to practise on my own. The benefits of less stiffness,  greater flexibilty, strength and peace of mind that result I owe to her. Thanks, Gladys

Friday, 6 May 2011


The uniqueness of this group is the closeness and bond formed among the members. 
They meet weekly an-hour-plus before class commences to rehearse and stay an-hour-plus after class for makan-kechil & friendly discourse at the Kopitiam.
Apart from the weekly supervised training, the group initiate meet-to-practice sessions at their condos, reservoir parks, botanical gardens & resort chalets to hone in their practice of taichi.
Practising At Taiji-By-The-Sea Retreat
每个星期六的正规课前,这群朋友会提早一个小时自己练习,互相切磋,课后就相约去喝咖啡聊天。除此之外, 他们会相约去不同的住处,公园,蓄水池等额外练习。
时不时,他们也会一起出国, 到邻近国家来个太极静休之旅,再把旅程拍摄成专辑。
今天这小组的团结,我要特别感谢David Teo,一个很有魅力的组长,不遗余力的付出,让大家找到太极的归宿。

Morning taiji practice at resort chalet

Preparing Pandan Chicken at the Retreat

Interestingly, this group have also organised a few travel-cum-taichi retreats to not so far away places like Bintan, Malacca and Cameron Highlands. In all these retreats, photo-movies (DVD) capturing their unforgettable journeys in taichi were burnt for participants. You should see the amazing movies made by this group to know what I mean.                                                                                                                       

Anyone keen to learn taichi & need a support group to help them in their journey in taichi will find this group unusually supportive & enriching.
My greatest appreciatio to the charismatic group leader David Teo whose passion and devotion has bonded the friendship.

Sunday, 1 May 2011

1st May Outing To Bukit Timah Hill

Pls use this link for more picture
Bukit Timah Hill 

7.30am, 100 of us,from Yio Chu Kang CC Taiji Club, in 2 buses headed to  Bt Timah Hill for hiking to the summit.
After much panting and sweating, everyone reached their goals with gladness.
This outing is our annual activity where students get the chance to mingle and bond outside of their taiji lesson.

Trying out a less tiring way to climb the steep slope, forward or backward?

Oop! this is gentle and easier

After an exhausting morning, lunch time is here

After a delicious lunch, sightseeing at Marina Sand and Singapore Flyer

Pls use this link for more picture
Bukit Timah Hill