Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Chingay Award Presentation Ceremony 2012 Cum Appreciation Night

Congratulation to Chingay Taichi Gongfufan Contingent. We made it, we won the 'Outstanding Contingent' Award. This honour belongs to all the participants who has took part in the Chingay Taichi Gongfufan

'Outstanding Contingent' Award

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Chingay taichi gongfufan Yio Chu Kang Team Thankyou & Appreciation party

My apologize to all my supporters, my blog has been idle for sometime due to my busy schedule with the Chingay 2012,  now its the time to catch up and backdated some of the missing information. Lets me start with the recent event, that is the Yio Chu Kang Chingay Gongfufan Team Thank you Party, a team which I am proud of their success performance in the Chingay 2012
Yio Chu Kang Chingay Taichi Gongfufan Team

In appreciation of the hardwork, time, effort and contribution to the Chingay Taichi Gongfufan,  we held this thank you party for all the participants from YCKCC. 
We have started training since June 2011 and intensified the training to 3 times per week approaching to Chingay. 7 contingent rehearsal + 2 actual parade, long waiting time, sweaty and harder movement in the water, later home return, rainy day.....hard but yet we are happy.  Over the time, all the 42 participants who come from different taiji class of the week, have become one taichi family, they have the friendship built, more understanding gained, stronger bonds forged, more communication, more fun and joy.
这是个快乐的聚会,整个下午,笑声不断,我现在才发现,平常看起来文静的学员,原来这么幽默,他们好像一群大孩子,玩起来还真疯。这次参加妆艺太极功夫扇是个大挑战,虽然很辛苦,也有一些怨言,但是当晚观众的掌声对我们是一种肯定。 当我们表演完散场时,好多人都对我们竖起大拇指, 煞那间,一切的辛苦都化成了兴奋。Taichi, Taichi, We Are One

The link to view all the photo : YCKChingayGongfufan thank you party

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Filming & photo shooting for Gongfufan At Bt Panjang

Chingay @ Heartlands - Bukit Panjang
 20 of us were there for photo shooting & film modeling

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Thankyou party for Chingay Gongfufan Trainers

The 2012 Chingay Taichi Gongfufan 1000 contingent outstanding performance has received much thumb up response from the public,  in appreciation for all the 32 PA taiji trainer involved in Chingay 2012 Taichi Gongfufan, a Thank you Party was held specially for us.

Certificates and token of appreciation
Working Committee & PA Team

CED Mr Yam with Vannie & Gladys assistant

Committee member to perform Passion Mambo for entertainment
Flyer ride for all

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

YCKCC Taiji Club Chinese New Year Gathering

1 Feb 2012 @ YCKCC Hall
这是我们,杨厝港太极俱乐部大家庭,一年一度的团圆节目。和往年一样, 同学们带来了他们的拿手好菜,或者买了各处的美食,有同学报效了四大盘鱼生。丰盛的食物,满满的心意,新年的欢乐气息,新学员旧同学,济济一堂。

More photo, pls link: YCKTaijiCNYGathering1Feb202012