Wednesday, 30 May 2012

孤男寡女 Yours Fatefully 电视连续剧功夫扇片段-第一集

昨晚第八播道播出的孤男寡女,有一段男主角陈树承和王传一练习功夫扇的片段。 我们有幸的参与了拍摄,让大家都有机会体验拍戏的苦与乐,有机会上镜,过过瘾。

Suresh Rao - Spiritual Guru From Bangalore

This is Suresh Rao, a Spiritual Guru from Bangalore, India. He is knowledgable and experienced with followers `from all over the world. Curious to know more about the ancient Chinese Culture - Taijiquan, he connected me throught his disciple in Singapore and we have 10 lessons before his spiritual journey to Bali, Indonesia.

It is a unique experience for me to interact with Mr Suresh, out of our taiji talk, he shared with me his vast experience which some of them sound incredible and certainly is an eye-opener to me.

One similar concept that I think both Taiji and Mr Suresh shared is live your life naturally and harmoniously with the universe and nature. Let the nature take the course. A lots of our worries raise unduely from one thoughts to the others. Mr Suresh has a lots to share in his blog:  ,feel free to visit.

Monday, 28 May 2012

Bagua Zhang Performance at Yew Tee CC 26/5/12

八卦掌是内家拳法的一种,是传统武术中一个风格独特的流派,以掌法变换和走趟泥步转圈,以腰转动为主导的拳术。常练习能发展身手轻捷灵活,加大全身各关节,肌肉。韧带等部位的活动幅度,提高身体内脏器官的功能,增强下肢力量等, 有很好的健身作用

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Body Alignment 虚领顶颈

Thanks SLChan for sharing this great information in his facebook. 

One of the Taichi Principles emphasizes body alignment which is well explained in this photo: "neck is held straight with ease" "tuck in the chin and feel as the crown is suspended from the top", "The head should be erect and upright in order for the shen 神 (spirit) to reach the headtop“

For every inch that the head moves forward in posture, it increases the weight of the head on the neck by 10 pounds!
Poor neck posture leads to a Forward Head Position which is one of the most common causes of neck, head and shoulder tension and pain. This can be a result of injuries like sprains and strains of the neck leading to weak neck muscles, poor sleeping positions and the illustrated examples of driving stress, computer neck, couch neck and readers neck along with improper breathing habits.
The extra pressure on the neck from altered posture flattens the normal curve of the cervical spine resulting in abnormal strain of muscles, ligaments, bones and joints of the neck causing the joints to deteriorate faster than normal resulting in degenerative joint disease or neck arthritis as indicated in an article published in the Spine Journal, recognized internationally as the leading journal in its field and the leading subspecialty journal for the treatment of spinal disorders, 1986;6:591-694.

The source of information is from: MaxLifeChiropractic
太极拳十要之一:虚领顶颈。 顶颈者,头容正直,神贯于顶也。不俯不仰,不左右歪斜,下巴微内收,犹如头上顶着一碗水或者有绳子提着,亦称“顶头县”或“百会朝天”。不可用力,用力则项僵,气血不能流通,须有虚灵自然之意。
图片显示头越向前俯,颈项就须承受越大的力, 渐续的有十磅或更多。

Monday, 21 May 2012

Chingay 2012 Taichi Gongfufan

While compiling the past events photo, I found some nice and memorable photo of Chingay 2012 Taichi Gongfufan with all the familiar faces from YCK taiji, to share with all of you who has not participated in Chingay 2012. Seeing the photo remind me of all the precious moments we spent together, with funs, joys and sweats as well. Chingay 2013 is coming, are you ready!虽然2012水上妆艺太极功夫扇已经落幕了几个月,可是每当看到照片时,总是有无限的回忆。那几个月的辛劳和汗水,快乐与满足,不是笔墨所能形容的。 最令我感动的就是参加者都发挥了崇高的太极精神,不屈不饶,坦然宽心,互相扶持,一起成长。

For more photo, pls link 2012ChingayGongfufanF1PitBuilding

Saturday, 5 May 2012


An old man told a kid to hold the fist tight and ask for his feeling, the kid answer him : quite tiring.
The old man instruct the kid to further tighten the fist and ask for his feeling again, the kid answer: its breathless and tired
The old man told him to let go and the kid release the tight fist with a breath and say: its relaxing now
Life is simple, the more you hold the more tire you are, let go at appropriate time and you will be relaxed and happy

 放下,是一种生活的智慧。 放下,是一门心灵的学问。 放下压力,活得轻松;放下烦恼,活得幸福;放下自卑,活得自信;放下懒惰,活得充实;放下消极,活得成功;放下抱怨,活得舒坦;放下犹豫,活得潇洒;放下 狭隘,活得自在。 人生在世,有些事情是不必在乎的,有些东西是必须清空的。 只有该放下时放下,你才能够腾出手来,抓住真正属于你的快乐和幸福。

I quote some words from Shelia Rae who wrote "Letting Go Of Taichi"
All of us begin taichi with great awareness for perfected moves and steps, with ego for better achievement. If we constantly train to perfect the moves of taichi, we can't realize the true bliss of taichi. There must comes a time when we must learn to let go, let go of perfectionism and ego, let go of trying to follow the prescribed pattern and let the art move through our souls.
We learn forms to become formless, to integrate mind, body and spirit, we apply the principles of taichi to extend beyond the physical form, to blend it in all our activities and in return to influence our taichi practice. When we let go of the forms, wonderful connection can happen, the moves connect together effortlessly, and then we can connect to the true essence of blending with our environment, with others and with the universe.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

1 May 2012 YCK Taiji Club Outing

1st May Outing is our anuual event which provide opportunity for students from all classes to get together, visiting place of interest, exercise and taiji together, makan and last with farm visiting.
This year our great and fun outing is at Labrador Coastal Walk and promenade connection at Keppel Bay, lunch at Raffles Country Club, Goat farm and mushroom farm visiting to shop for fresh goat milk, fresh mushroom and organic food. This time the event attracted 100 participants from different classes.
Group photo at Keppel Island

Group photo at Raffles Country Club
 More photo, pls link: 1May2012YCKTaijiOuting

每年的五一劳动节,太极俱乐部都会带队去一日游,今年也不例外。 这次的晨运地点是风景明媚的拉伯拉多的海岸走道,一直延伸到Keppel Island。今天天气晴朗,蔚蓝的天空,加上微微的海风,风和日丽,美丽的海岸线,在这里打太极,太写意了,大家都非常陶醉。汗流浃背的运动后, 就是到Raffles Country Club 的山水阁饱餐一顿,然后到牧羊场和有机菜园参观及购物。

Nice coastal view
Fun with Chicken Dance
Taiji together
Lunch at Raffles Country Club

Talk at Mushroom Farm