Monday, 23 July 2012

David Teo - Benefits of Taichi

David Teo, a taiji enthusiast in Toa Payoh Class, began his taiji journey in 2008 with Taichi For Health, enter  traditional taiji after grasp the skill, SKF 18, Simplified 24, 48 Taijiquan, gongfufan and coming soon will be Sun 73 Competition Routine. He is the Big Brother of the class, leading and guiding the self-practice session every Saturday before the class, planning and coordinating event for friendship bonding.
On 26th May 2011, David  participated in the 2011 National Wushu Championship in Simplified 24 routine and came to 3rd place. On 19th Nov 2011 Singapore International Martial Tournament, He won gold medal for both Taichi For Arthritis and 48 Taijiquan.
He attended the Taichi For Health Instructor Course in Year 2011 and became a qualified Trainer, then began his teaching at Temasek Club soon after. Being a diligent and experienced Taichi practitioner, intellectual and perceptive, he is efficient & proficient in delivering the taiji skills.
 Lets enjoy an interesting write-up by him about the Benefits of Taichi, published in Connections, a bi-monthly newsletter of temasek Club.

Pls link to read the article : Taichi Article written by David

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Mr TJ Tan - Star of YCKCC Wed Taiji

Mr TJ Tan, Nick name given by the classmate ''Ah Boy", why?  A small frame guy, aged 69 but look like a little cute boy,  very cheerful, pleasant, playful, humorous, helpful, thoughtful, caring, positive, endless laughter with him around, full of funny and crazy ideas, a good leader.  He began his taiji journey with me 2 years ago, first with stiff and robotic movements and  acquired gradually the flow of taiji with his great patient and perseverance.                                                                                       
Tan Tai Jong         

He was named in the recent Medical Magazine of TTSH, being an active volunteer of the TTSH Prostate Cancer Support Group, after successfully conquered the prostate cancer (the third most common form of cancer among Singaporean man).With his survivor courage and positive attitude, Mr Tan is helping other patients to overcome the hard period by showering his love & care, sharing his knowledge and experiences, brighthening people with positive prospect, giving support and friendship to encourage the figthing spirit.

Pls refer to the link for further reading: TTSH Prostate Cancer Support Group

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Taiji Retreat @ Pasir Ris on 4th Aug 12

Dear Students, lets get ready for our next event:  Taiji Retreat @ Pasir Ris

Date: 4th & 5th Aug 2012
Venue: 38 Paisr Ris Ave (attached the map)
           Link for the map: 38 Pasir Ris Ave
How to get there: Bus 403 from Pasir Ris Interchange (alight at bus stop before Pasir Ris Way)
                           17 min walk from Pasir Ris MRT station Exit B
                           Drive: TPE Exit Elias Road      
Program on 4th Aug (Sat):
7.30am : Morning Taiji practice
9.00am : Breakfast & own leisure time up to lunch
12.00pm : Home cooked lunch for those stay back (pls let us know if you join us for lunch)
1.30pm : Indoor activities (Karaoke, mahjong, cards games, Movie etc)
               Outdoor activities (cycling, if the weather is good)
3.00pm : Discussion & sharing Session ( How to imporve your taiji)
4.30pm : Taiji Practical Session (Big group or small group)
6.30pm : BBQ, games

Program on 5th Aug (Sun):
7.30am : Morning Taiji practice
9.00am : Breakfast
10.00am: Discussion & sharing Session ( Essential Principles of Taiji)
12.00pm: Lunch
Own leisure time and activities after

Pls let us know if you have any other suggestion/ideas

Note: no taiji lesson on 4th and 5th Aug at YCKCC
Pls register with Amanda asap, we look forward to your attendance. Feel free to participate in any of the session (FOC), fee payable only for BBO session
Many thanks to the task committee leaded by Lee Chi Ming for all the preparation works

Sunday, 8 July 2012

7th July 2012 Taiji Performance @ Toa Payoh

7th Jul 2012
Sun 73 Competition Routine Performance
Wushu Nite 2012, Toa Payoh Amphitheatre

Unfortunately, a thunder storm striked and caused the short circuit of the main electrical board, the performance was done in darkness without sound system and on slippery floor. Luckily we prepared our own mini speaker which helped little in the performanace. It is  a great experience for performers too for unforseen circumstance that can happens anytime during the display.