Tuesday, 1 May 2012

1 May 2012 YCK Taiji Club Outing

1st May Outing is our anuual event which provide opportunity for students from all classes to get together, visiting place of interest, exercise and taiji together, makan and last with farm visiting.
This year our great and fun outing is at Labrador Coastal Walk and promenade connection at Keppel Bay, lunch at Raffles Country Club, Goat farm and mushroom farm visiting to shop for fresh goat milk, fresh mushroom and organic food. This time the event attracted 100 participants from different classes.
Group photo at Keppel Island

Group photo at Raffles Country Club
 More photo, pls link: 1May2012YCKTaijiOuting

每年的五一劳动节,太极俱乐部都会带队去一日游,今年也不例外。 这次的晨运地点是风景明媚的拉伯拉多的海岸走道,一直延伸到Keppel Island。今天天气晴朗,蔚蓝的天空,加上微微的海风,风和日丽,美丽的海岸线,在这里打太极,太写意了,大家都非常陶醉。汗流浃背的运动后, 就是到Raffles Country Club 的山水阁饱餐一顿,然后到牧羊场和有机菜园参观及购物。

Nice coastal view
Fun with Chicken Dance
Taiji together
Lunch at Raffles Country Club

Talk at Mushroom Farm

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