Saturday, 28 May 2011

Recording of Shout for Chingay Gongfu Fan

Ready ...........Hoo!
28 May 2011 - A supporting group of taijiquan enthusiast, with a different mission today, gather in a studio at Bukit Merah, ready to be superstar.

Many thanks to Mac Tan & Nancy, Xi Long & Ai Ling, Chee Ming and Lilian, JB Tan, Adeline, Amanda and Joanne for their priceless time and effort, accomplished the special mission - to record the shouting and fan open sound for Chingay Gongfu Fan Music. 
Taiji people really full of Qi, they finish the shouting and fan open within an hour

感谢这群奋勇的‘大声公’和‘大声婆’, 帮我完成这项任务-妆艺功夫扇-强调喊声和开扇声的录音工作。多亏平时练功得法,两次就解决了开扇声,一个钟头就完成所有呼喊声。感恩大家的热心,谢谢!

 Super star Amanda 

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