Monday, 12 September 2011

YCKCC Taiji Moonfest Nite

SKF 18 form by Wed 7.30pm taiji class
Today, the 15th day of Lunar Eight Month, is the Mid-Autumn Festival when people celebrate good harvest in the olden time. The round and full moon symbolizes reunion, so Mid-Autumn Festival is also known as the festival of reunion. Joyous family reunion and gathering with loved ones on this special day.
110 Taiji people in YCKCC gather to celebrate this special day too, dinner together, chit-chat, various form of taiji perform by different classes, fun and exciting game time, riddle time and finally event concluded with Lucky draw. My gratitude to all that help to make the event a success.
八月十五中秋节,在这个花好月圆人团员的开心夜,太极俱乐部的110 太极爱好者,不忘了在今天聚集在一起,开心的吃晚餐,闲聊与交流,呈现刚学完的套路,集体玩游戏,猜灯谜, 最后以幸运抽奖完结整晚的节目。在此,也不忘了感谢和我一起筹备这个节目的团友,大家的努力,为这个开心的晚上画上了完美的句点。
Pls link to YCKCCMoonfestTaijiNiteSeptember122011for more photo

32 sword by Sun morning class

Simplified 24 taiji by Fri 7.30pm class                      

Chingay Gongfu fan by Mon 7.30pm class

Sun 73 by Mon 8.30pm class

Enjoying the game
Fun and exciting game
Savour traditional food for Mid Autumn: moon cake, yam, pomelos, black buffalo horns chestnuts etc
Solving the Chinese Riddles       

Lucky Beauty in the Lucky Draw Time

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