Friday, 2 September 2011

Teacher's Day Celebration

Friday 9am class
delicious cake n home-cook food, a thank you card preapred by Friday 9am class 


Great surprise, delicious cake, good home-cook food, gifts, thank you card, all the deligent preparation and planning secretly behind me to give me a surprise on the teachers day.  My big thank you to all of you for giving me such a wonderful and memorable day
又是教师节,很感谢学员们每年都没忘了这个节日,总会神神秘秘的安排庆祝会,给我一个惊喜。除了可口的食物及蛋糕,感谢卡,礼物, 重要的是同学们的用心安排,策划,交流等等,邀请别个班的同学也能一起出席,体现了团体精神。
Friday 10am class with a token of their appreciation

Another celebration party prepared by the evening classes

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