Wednesday, 14 September 2011

有朋自远方来,不亦乐乎 A Friend From Australia

Paul Cheah (grey shirt)
Paul Cheah from Aurstralia visited our Wed taiji class and have an enjoyable practice with the class. Being an experienced taiji practitioner and gold medal winner for 40 Yang Competition Routine and silver medal for 42 sword competition routine in the recent taiji competition at Sydney, he share with the class the objective of joining a competition. The end result is not important but the journey towards it that make you learn, refine, experience and growth. Pual Cheah 来自澳洲,是PT Cheah 的哥哥, 来到杨厝港民众俱乐部和星期三的同学一起打太极。他很喜欢太极,也在最近悉尼的一个太极比赛荣获杨式竞赛套路金牌和42式太极剑竞赛套路银牌,借此机会,他鼓励同学们去体验参加比赛的的经验,从过程中吸取宝贵的经验,培养毅力和耐力,提升太极技巧和锻炼勇气。

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