Monday, 12 December 2011

Gala Display Cum Dinner 名家表演,晚宴

12 Dec 2011 at Chong Pang CC - A dinner where famous taiji and wushu master from China,  Hongkong and Malaysia was invited to perform various taiji form, it is eye-opener for a lot of us.
其中名家有“四大金刚”之一的王西安大师,以龙形太极拳闻名的李新华大师,禅密功第四代传人陆长青大师, ”太极女侠“李利清老师,马来西亚的杨贵渊师傅,新加坡的朱景秀老师,白容炎老师及许晋阁老师等等

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