Saturday, 10 December 2011

2nd International Wushu Competition 2011, Spore

This is the second competition we took part for year 2011 and this time, under the name of Yuhua Wushu Pei Xun Zhong Xin, we participated in a few events, and fortunately, we won another Silver trophy for the group weapon catagory.
1st  runner-up for Gongfufan group competition
 for individual events, Joanne won gold medal for both Sun 72 competition Routine and 32 sword and Roland won silver medal for Sun 73 Competition routine. 

I just received a congradulation call from the organization that Yuhua Wushu won the Overall Group 2nd Runner-up in the K Shanmugam Cup, Hurray, we made it again

28 of us combined from both school of Vannie and Gladys, we performed chingay gongfufan for the opening of the competition
All the gongfufan performers     

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