Sunday, 31 July 2011

Instructor Workshop for Taichi For Arthritis

The 2 days Taichi For Arthritis Workshop aims to train passionate and competent instructor to learn how to teach this program to people with or without arthritis, as well as  to improve and refine their taichi skill and knowledge. At the end of the workshop, they understand better how taichi work for arthritis, learnt to teach program safely and effective teaching method and how to set up classess.
5 of my advanced taichi student who has 2 to 3 years experience was selected to attend the course hoping that after the course, they are able helping to spread the programe, help more people to improve their health and quality of life.
Practical session with Prof Lau Tang Ching 
Mr greatest appreciation to Prof Lau Tang Ching for the mentor and guidance during the workshop.
Ice-breaking - vivid introduction
Focus on discussion 
Nice and Flow movement
congratulation on the graduation

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