Sunday, 24 July 2011

PA Trainers' Symposium - Chingay Taichi Gong Fu Fan Performance

 24th July 2011 - PA Trainers' Symposium @ Swissotel The Stamford
 Total 15 of us include Gladys, Vannie, Joanne & Roland, Adeline, Amanda, Ailing, Shwu Meei, Shi Yu, Ghek Song, Chee Ming & Lilian, JB Tan & Poh Choo & Chen Long have been practiced hard for the performance since 2 month ago, 3 times per week, the practice was intensify during rehearsal. All the hardwork and exhausting days win the applause of the audience  

   A strong friendship and team spririt was forged by shared adversity, everyone was helping each other in refining the skill, learning the beats of the music, overcame the difficulties etc, ensure the team is moving steadily along.
A group photo
Breakfast and coffee after a hard morning
A group discussion and review after training

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