Thursday, 17 January 2013

Year 2012 PA Best STARS Trainers

The PA STARS Trainer Awards is an annual event that honours and celebrates the achievements of outstanding trainers, whose efforts have helped PA in fostering friendships, enrich lives and minds, and strengthen community ties. STARS represents the 5 strengths that PA trainers should have.
  • Skilful Mastery of Subject
  • Teaching with PAssion
  • Admirable Professional Image
  • Relevant Learning
  • Sharing and Bonding Skills   

 I am truly honoured to be the winner of the Peoples’ Association (PA) of the year 2012 STARS trainer award. I am flattered to receive this award, and sincerely appreciate the recognition of PA, and the support of my fellow peers and students. However, in accepting this award, I would also like to recognise the invaluable contributions of all who has gone through thick and thin with me. It was only through this union of strength that I managed to make this remarkable achievement.

身为人协太极训导师8年,荣获这个奖项,我感觉非常荣幸及开心,这是一种肯定,也是成就。我要和许多爱护和帮助我的人分享这成果, 这个奖项代表了力量的结合。
首先,我要感谢的是我的启蒙老师黎泰霞老师和程道铨老师,老师的教导,让我终生受益;程老师一直以来的鼓励和和支持,更是我背后的力量。再来,是Yio Chu Kang CC 的管理层及职员们,他们都非常专业,有效率和友善,这些年来我们都维持着非常融洽的合作关系。当然,不能忘记和我一起同甘共苦的助教,助手,班长等,还有 所有同学们,大家的对我的拥护和支持,我深深感激。让我们再努力前进!
感谢 Kelly 帮我打扮得很亮眼
To view more photo, pls link: Trainers Nite photo

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