Friday, 7 September 2012

Teachers Day Celebration @ YCKCC

7 Sept 2012 - A grand Teachers Day Celebration at YCKCC
This grand celebration party is arranged and organized secretly behind me, by getting together Monday, Wednesday and Friday evening taiji classes to come together, bringing delicious foods and drinks, to give me a surprise and to  show their gratitude. Indeed, I was surprised and excited to see so many of you the moment I stepped  into the lobby.
Pls link to see more photo 7 Sep 12 Teachers Day

每年老师节, 个别太极班都不忘了用各种庆祝方式来表达他们的心意和谢意。每年我都建议不送礼给我,一张卡片,一个蛋糕或一个简单聚餐,只要大家能开心聚集在一起,就是一种幸福,我很珍惜和享受这样的机会,平常教拳时很忙,也比较严肃,难得今天懈下一切,显出轻松的一面。身为教练,我最大的心愿就是同学们用心的把太极拳练好,大家都身强体壮,意气风发,这就是给我的最好礼物。
最后,对于大家热烈的支持和奉献,物体上的或精神上的, 我都要至上万二分的谢意。希望来年我们做的更好,更健康,更上一层楼,

Sat 9am  taiji class celebration

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