Monday, 31 October 2011


Collated by TJ Tan in July 2011

We would like to extol our appreciation and place on record our B..I..G.. Thank You to our shifu Ms Gladys Tan and her dedicated and able assistants, Ms Amanda, Michelle and Agnes.
Gladys has introduces Taiji as ‘fun’ and ‘not too difficult’ to learn for people who are sedentary, who have the better years of their lives behind them and those who are totally uninitiated.

The class always looks forward to Wednesday evening; to enjoy the practice & learning new movements while cultivating a comradelier spirit.

There are no grouses, only praises for shifu and her assistants. They display patience and perseverance, and have constantly put up with our inability to execute even ‘apparently’ simple movements. They kept on demonstrating these movements repeatedly until we are able to execute them, albeit still not so well

Stated below are comments from various students of the Wednesday evening class:

CS Lee: “I have learnt something from Taiji and it is a good keep fit exercise, especially for senior citizens. The class is also a good gathering place to make friends besides learning the art form of Taiji.

Whatever I want to say has already been covered. I would like to further emphasize my many thanks to our Shifu, Gladys for her professionalism, passion, hard work, dedication, patience and tolerance during the Taiji class. We must also not forget there is a person in the class who could create fun and laughter out of anything. These have brightened up the class and keep everybody in good mood and unite us. Our Shifu, Gladys in one of her blogs had referred him as "Open Heart Fruit"(开心果). He is none other than my good old buddy, Tan T J. Thank you TJ for keeping us happy and making us feel that it would be our loss of enjoying your humour if we miss any session. Last but not least, I cherish the companionship of my new found friends.”

Linda Chan: “Taiji practice enables work-life balance and improves health. Shifu and her assistants are friendly, patient and enthusiastic despite our slow progress. After attending the Taiji classes for approximately 7 months, I experience the benefits of stress reduction, improved blood circulation, an increase in flexibility and most amazingly, reduce my fibroids and cyst growth.”

Doris Tang: “Wednesday evening is when we get to know one another and learn from each other.”

YP Wong: “Taiji is not just an old folk’s exercise. Through my 9 months experience, I realize that the serious practitioner would discover the good physical workout it entails which enhance the suppleness and strengthening of the body, giving long term health benefits.”

Sharon Lee: “I enjoy every session and with Gladys’s good instruction I manage to keep up with the others although I joined the class late.”

John Lim: “I am very glad to join this wonderful class. Shifu, her assistants and fellow students are all so friendly, helpful and full of warmth; always ready to help those who need a little more assistance. Shifu has a unique way of making you do each Taiji stroke simple, fun and easy to follow. Taiji has also improves the strength in my legs and overall mobility.

It’s a great exercise and injury free. That’s why we are all enjoying it every Wednesday!

Thank you again Shifu!

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