Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Yio Chu Kang CC Wed Beginner class

今天2011年四月六日,这个初级太极班特别开心,因为经过24课的挣扎和努力,他们终于完成了保健太极18式。对很多人,这似乎不是难事,但对这群初学者来说,这是多么了不起的成就。我很欣赏这个班,虽然很多招式有待改正,但他们都很用心和虚心,大家互相学习。当我鼓励他们多练习时,他们马上组织一个兴趣小组,自备音乐,每个星期六多练习一次,互相纠正彼此的错误,多么贴心可爱。这六个月来,大家都成了朋友, 交换联络号码,分享生活经验和笑话,一起喝咖啡,每次上课时,笑声不绝,因为班上有一个开心果,Mr TJ Tan, 猜猜哪位是Mr Tan? 另外,我也要感谢两位助手,Michelle Hoo 和 Agnes Hoo.   加油!!我们可以做得更好

6 April 2011- This is my Yio Chu Kang CC Wed Taiji Beginner Class.  Tonite, they are excited with overwhelming applause as this is the completion of their lesson, SKF 18 taiji. After 6 months of struggling, hardwork and pain, the class finally come to fruition with a lot of satisfaction written on the faces. Technically, their forms needs a a lot of refinement and adjustment but the class impressed me with their enthusiasm and passion. An interest group equiped with music player and regular practice was formed immediately when I encouraged them to have extra practice. The class is always full of laughter and friendship is fostered when they interacting with each other sharing their experience and skills. I specially have to mentioned Mr TJ Tan as he is always the cheering leader and many thanks to my two assistance, Michelle Hoo and Ages Hoo. Keep up, Class

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